The Pinnacle And Slump Of Buying Cheap Clothes

For you it’s that time of the year again when invitations to parties do not seem to stop coming your way and on that one particular IT party when you find yourself suddenly at lost on what to wear. You then have the urge to go out and buy that dress no matter if it means risking your entire month’s budget. Please don’t. There are so many clothes out there that are yours for the taking that are also within your financial resources. There are just three simple rules that one shopper who is on the hunt for cheap clothes should strictly follow. Never forget that you are working within your budget. Not anybody else’s but your very own. If the cost of the dress fits your limited budget then it is for you to buy and enjoy. There are even online shops now wherein there is an area for a shopper on the lookout for inexpensive clothes can specify the amount range that they are willing to spend for whatever it is they are planning to buy. Another trick would be the flexibility of that particular outfit that you would want to buy. Yes you can wear it for that event you are planning to attend soon but can you make use of the same outfit say on other occasions. Can the outfit be a party look and if one adds or removes just a couple of accessories perhaps make the outfit fit for day wear or even office attire? It does not mean that clothes that can come in cheap would lose its flexibility. Last but not the least would be for one to be on the lookout for comfort. Again if it’s cheap it does not mean one has to suffer any uncomfortable and unnerving feeling every time you are dressed in it. So the bottom line is shopping for cheap clothes should both be fun before and after you have brought the clothes.Being low on cash would not be the only reason for some people to buy cheap clothes. One could be working around the practicality area. Take for example a first time mom to be. Say you just found out that you are pregnant. Like any other women as the excitement of the news dies down you are faced with the fact that your body will change and you would need maternity clothes. As you excitedly shop around for your first maternity wardrobe you stand back aghast with the realization on how much you have to spend. So like the shopper who has to be everywhere but does not have the financial resources to support such activities, you the first time mom has to come up with some nifty tricks to save money and create a pregnancy wardrobe. One thing that an expectant mom can do is borrow. Scout for friends and other family members who dress size are closer to your own or those who are in a bigger size. The likelihood that their maternity clothes, that are just sitting unused in their closets, will be suitable for you to wear down the road to your own pregnancy bliss. Just make sure that you take extra care in caring for your borrowed clothes for you have to return then in fairly good conditions if not you are now obliged to pay or buy a replacement for them. Another great trick would be for you to scrounge around for second hand shops. Since you would not be pregnant forever, wearing maternity clothes that have been slightly used will suffice. Another thing to do would be buy maternity clothes that are on sale. There are even types of clothes now that are worn by sized regularly women or those that are not pregnant that would still fit and look good on a pregnant woman’s widening belly. Last but not least, there now clothing innovations they call wardrobe extenders like that of belly bands and bandeau’s which one can use up until the time when you would be breastfeeding. For belly bands a pregnant woman whose widening belly would make it impossible for her to fit in her old pair of jeans or skirt then the belly bands will do the job.With all these reasons to be in the lookout for cheap deals on certain pieces of clothes virtually everyone is buying cheap nowadays. Although with economy is unpredictable, and everybody is aiming for cheap clothes some are saying that there is a high price of our buying cheap clothes for we are promoting child labor and another is we are also risking ourselves of being overdressed. Consent to the discussion of child labor and the fabric industry first. Let us face it all the way through the past children help their families survive had to work too. Say in Britain for example, they went through a time when boys were made to work to clean chimneys thus the name chimney boys. Nowadays we have statistics to support the fact that they are children, over two hundred million of them, who work in the farming industry. This does not include those underage citizens of a particular country that are counted upon to work on textile companies most of which have to do so under bad working conditions and below minimum wages. According to some when we rummage around for cheap clothes we are unintentionally encouraging unfair child labor practices especially in third world countries.Aside from the possible consequence of unfair child practice another issue being raised towards shoppers of cheap clothes is that with all the clothes one buys where do you put or do with these clothes as one gets tired of them? The obvious answer would be to donate them, but where is the final fate of these donated pieces of cheap clothing lie? They are sent as donations to third world countries where their citizens happily shift through for great finds in their quest to look great. In the process they are now no longer have the desire to buy from local textile companies thus making the balance of local economy out of sync. So what is the point of all this discussion? Is there a lesson for us somewhere? Like anything it does not mean that if it’s cheap, of good quality and fashionable that one should just buy away like a child loose on a candy store. As one shops they must bear in mind to be smart and remember that whatever they will buy will have an effect not just on themselves but on others. Shopaholics’ therapists, who are also global citizens, have a couple of suggestions that these shoppers should live by. The first thing to do is reduce. Be guided by the question that whatever you are buying is it something you really want to buy. Is it of a style that is also friendly for mother earth, my wallet and at the same time is made of quality materials? Like our garbage another rule in cheap shopping would be to reuse. Swap your clothes with family and your close circle of friends. It is like shopping when you acquire new clothes without breaking your bank or putting additional future waste on our environment. Lastly, recycle old pieces of clothing that seemed to be in unfit conditions and re-purpose them. Fix those tears and looks of wears by being creative. Say an old pair of jeans would make a great wall decor whose pockets can be used to store unpaid bills or newly received newsletter. All in all let us not forget that although shopping for cheap clothes can be made fun one must also consider how to do about these clothes if we keep pilling our closets full of them.

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