Opening the Floodgates of Web Traffic I – How to Drive Traffic With Your Resource Box

Writing articles is a strategy to drive traffic to your web site. However all your articles will be useless, even if it’s beautifully written, if you will not provide a way for readers to go directly to your site. The resource box will serve as the key to your web site. It is where you put your name, your business, and links to your web site.Driving traffic to your web site with the resource box should be your main concern. You must create and write a compelling resource box so that readers will be enticed to click through your links and visit your web site.Write a good copy before your links. Ask your readers to click the link. It has been proven that making a direct suggestion to click the link can generate traffic rather than just placing your link there passively.You should make an offer if you want readers to visit your site. Tease them a little with suggestions of benefits and more free articles if they click on that blue link. There is no great come on for web users than free stuff. Use it to the maximum. Aside from free articles you can also offer free subscriptions to your e-zines. You can also offer free email tutorials on how to write wonderful articles. The options are innumerable. All you have to do is create a good copy that will entice readers to click.You can also use graphics to drive traffic to your site. Use arrows or buttons that point to your link. These are very eye catching and if you can get their attention, the chance of driving readers to your site will increase.You must also use just one link per article. Your readers can get confused if they see two or three links in your resource box. Provide a single link that will point directly to your web site. In this way, you avoid confusion and you simplified your instruction in directing traffic to your site.Your link in the resource box should be related to the content of your article. You can not expect an information hunter who read your article about ebooks to click a link which suggests a site about software. They may just follow that link but only few will actually be productive. So be sure to align your articles to the links in your resource box.The resource box is a very effective tool to drive traffic to your web site. You need to do it right by writing a compelling copy and providing the most convenient means to get your readers interest in visiting your main web site. You must not waste the opportunity provided by your article. Make your resource box work and generate numerous clicks to your web pages.As you can see, article writing is very easy. Anyone could actually do this but of course you might as well remember all these tips so that you can be sure that you would be able to deliver great articles that would do tremendous job- you should inform, entertain and of course market.

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